The Circle of Friends Animal Shelter believes it is one of our greatest responsibilities to offer animal welfare education to further our mission to help pets and people in our community! We offer education about proper pet care, issues impacting our shelter pets, and how we can all create a safer, more compassionate world for both pets and people alike. The Circle of Friends Animal Shelter strives to educate all age groups through classroom visits and activities, at-home projects, and online resources.

Shelter Pet Heroes Program

Thank you for wanting to learn more about the Circle of Friends, animal welfare, and how you can help protect pets in your community! You are a hero to our shelter pets!

Down below, you will find a downloadable Shelter Pet Hero Training module to do at home.

As you complete the trainings in this module, you can turn them into our Hero Trainer Kimmie at Circle of Friends’ Riverwalk Center in River Cinema 15 in East Grand Forks.

By turning in your training, you can earn “Paw Points” that you can cash in for some of our AWESOME Shelter Pet Hero prizes, like this Shelter Pet Hero t-shirt or color changing water bottle.

So what are you waiting for? Download your training today! If you do not have access to a printer at home, please come to our River Cinema location and we would LOVE to print a training for you!

Shelter Pet Hero Training

Shelter Pet Hero Program Trainig Volume 2

Have Questions?  Please email Hero Trainer Kimmie at

If you are interested in learning more about the education offered through the Circle of Friends Animal Shelter, please fill out the form below!