Connecting Companions Veterinary Assistance Program

We are partnered with Myra Foundation to help offer some assistance with veterinary fees when an unexpected cost arises and an owner is struggling to afford to pay for veterinary expenses.

The Myra foundation and private investors believe in and are committed to keeping companions together. We know unexpected situations can arise creating circumstances of financial need for companion care.

The veterinary assistance voucher program is no longer in house. They have been dispursed to the veterinary clinics in Grand Forks and East Grand Forks. Please contact the participating vet clinics to make an appointment and see if they have any vouchers left.

The participating clinics are:

Petcetera Animal Clinic: (701)775-0549

Kindness Animal: (701)772-7289

Grand Valley Animal Hospital: (701)757-3500

All Pets Hospital: (701)746-9707

Peterson Veterinary Clinic in East Grand Forks: (218)773-2401