Veterinary Assistance

*At this time, we unfortunately do not have anymore allocated funds to be able to fund our voucher program.*

We are partnered with MYRA Foundation to help offer some assistance with Veterinarian costs when an unexpected cost arises and an owner is struggling to afford to pay for Veterinarian expenses.

Medical assistance

Our Companion Animal Program is available to pet owners in financial need experiencing medical expenses with their pets.

Spay/neuter assistance

Spay/neuter certificates are available to members of the general public experiencing financial need.

Due to the generosity of the Myra Foundation and generous private donors, we at Circle of Friends Humane Society received a grant in order to provide financial assistance in the Grand Forks County area to those who cannot afford veterinary care for their beloved furry family members.

We strive to help community members keep their companion animals in their care when the only issue is an unexpected veterinary bill. With this program, we are able to assist the owner by making a one-time payment to the veterinary clinic for a portion of the bill when there is a financial hardship.

Steps to the Application Process
  • The applicant must read the voucher agreement thoroughly, then fully complete the application.
  • If all of the required information is not completed on the application form or goes against the agreement, it will be denied. The applicant will have to reapply for assistance.
  • The applicant will submit the completed agreement form and application.
  • On the first and third Tuesday of each month, the applications will be reviewed.

*If the application for assistance is approved:

  • The applicant will receive an approval email stating the cost that the voucher has been approved for, along with verifying the pet’s name and veterinary clinic being used.
  • The applicant must pick up the approved voucher from Circle of Friends Humane Society.
  • The voucher must be used within 30 days of the approval date. If the voucher is not used within the allotted time period, the voucher will be voided and the applicant will need to reapply for assistance.
  • At the time of payment for the veterinary appointment, the clinic will deduct the amount approved on the voucher from the total cost.
  • The veterinary clinic will email or mail the detailed invoice to the Circle of Friends Humane Society.
  • After reviewing the invoice, Circle of Friends will pay the veterinary clinic directly for the approved voucher amount.
  • In order to continue receiving funding for the voucher program, applicants are encouraged to send Circle of Friends before/after pictures and/or stories or how the voucher program has helped their pet.

*If the application for assistance is denied:

  • The applicant will receive an email from Circle of Friends stating the reason for denial. The applicant may reapply once circumstances causing the denial have changed.