Circle of Friends Animal Shelter gives pets
of all kinds a second chance for a permanent, loving home.

We write this message with a heavy heart and desire to serve as many homeless pets in need as possible. Due to an influx in stray/abandoned/and hoarding situations and in assisting individuals who are needing assistance because of COVID-19, our shelter is overfilled with pets in need. Many of the homeless pets that we are serving have medical conditions and require a large time commitment. Because of these circumstances, at this time we are not able to assist with public surrenders because of the status of how full the shelter is, the limited number of team members, and also having 60 pets in need on our wait list. We appreciate your understanding and support as we navigate this huge time of need in our community.

It’s the second chance they all deserve.



Our Mission Statement

The mission of Circle of Friends Animal Shelter is to enrich the lives of pets through healing, education and connecting companions.

How You Can Help

  • Adopt shelter pets
  • Learn about the responsibilities of committed pet ownership
  • Teach children respect for all creatures
  • Report animal neglect and abuse to local law enforcement officials
  • Contact legislators and encourage them to pass more protective, humane treatment laws