Lost your dog? 

Please submit a lost pet form to alert COFAS of your missing pet! We also recommend you look for your dog at your local shelter every 3-4 days starting from the day they go missing. Please stop by our location located at 4375 N Washington St, Grand Forks, ND 58203, to look for your missing dog. COFAS has a 4-day stray hold, but on the 5th day stray pets will be placed up for adoption. 

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Lost Pet Tips:

  • Check your local animal shelters/pounds/Rescues to see if they may have your dog. We recommend contacting all local shelters/pounds/rescues within a 30 mile radius.   

Circle of Friends: 701-775-3732  

Peterson Vet Clinic (if your pet is missing from East Grand Forks): 218-773-2401  

Journey Home Animal Rescue: info@journeyhomeanimalrescue.org  

  • Ask around your neighborhood– You may have missed your sneaky dog leaving, but your neighbors may have seen something!  

  • Call your dogs microchip company and report them missing! Many microchip companies will reach out to the local shelters or vet clinics to alert them of your missing dog.   

  • Create a flyer- Many microchip companies offer a free flyer feature, but you can also create a free flyer on PawBoost.  

  • If your property is fenced, leave the gate open so your dog can get back into your yard.  

  • Spread awareness using social media, Pawboost (www.pawboost.com), or PetcoLoveLost – post your missing dog for FREE, the community of Grand Forks has an excellent Facebook page that you can create a post on to raise awareness for your missing dog Grand Forks Lost Pets.  

  • Leave out recently worn clothing, food, and water- Something with your scent on it could attract your dog to come back home-pillow cases or sheets would work too. By leaving out food and water, your dog is more likely to stay in the area if resources are readily available for them.  

All pets that enter COFAS as strays will be posted on PetcoLoveLost, please contact us at [email protected] or call 701-775-3732 if you recognize your pet.

If You See Your Dog Running Loose: 
  • Do NOT chase your dog. Your dog may view this as a fun game of chase or may be too frightened by an unknown environment to come to you.  

  • Use a calm reassuring voice when speaking or calling to your dog. Don’t yell as this may cause your dog to become more afraid.  

  • If you see your dog, turn sideways and squat down-this will make you appear more non-threatening to a skittish, scared dog. Using a calm happy voice say their name and try to coax them towards you.   

  • If your dog has a strong friendly bond with another dog in the household or a friends dog, make sure to bring them with you when you look for your missing dog! They may approach you more easily with the intention of playing with their buddy.   

  • Bring your dogs favorite food or treats with you to try to coax him to approach you as well!  

Found a dog?

  • Did you find the dog within Grand Forks City Limits? Please call the Grand Forks non-emergency police line (701-787-8000, option 2) and an officer will be sent to your location to get the dog from you.  

  • Did you find the dog within Grand Forks County? Please contact us at [email protected] or call 701-775-3732 for further assistance during our operating hours. If you find a county stray dog outside of COFAS operation hours, please consider holding the dog until COFAS opens the next day. If you are unable to keep the dog overnight, please call your local non-emergency police line for further guidance.  

  • Did you find the dog in East Grand Forks? Please call the East Grand Forks non-emergency police line (218-773-1104).  

  • Did you find the dog outside City and County limits? Please call your local non-emergency police line.  

  • Post a picture of the dog and where you found it on the GFPD Lost Pets Page on Facebook, this page has a large community following and the owner may see the post and recognize their dog.  

  • Post a picture of the pet on Petco Love Lost– This is a FREE service and may help an owner find their missing pet.

  • REMEMBER! Don’t keep a dog that you found as a stray without doing your due diligence to find an owner! Not all stray dogs are abused or abandoned, and this dog could be missed dearly by its loving family. Please report stray dogs to your local shelter or your local non-emergency police line.  

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