• Below are 2 options that you can use as resources for rehoming your pet. They are well-known and used commonly throughout the sheltering world. We urge you to use BOTH resources to higher the chance of your pet finding their new forever home.

  • You are your pets best option for finding them a new home. Some people believe that we would be better at finding a new home for their pets since we have the experience and facilities, however that isn’t necessarily the case. The owner of the pet is more capable of placing all their focus on that pet and provide the best information on that pet as possible to new adopters to best determine if the home is the right fit or not. The only person who truly knows the pet, is the owner!

  • Shelters are stressful environments even for the most well-adjusted pet. The shelter setting, no matter how nice, can cause stress-related problems. These include anxiety, aggression, and even illness which cause adoption to become difficult or impossible. If you decide to rehome your pet, you are the best advocate for your pet finding a home.

Due to the large influx of truly homeless pets in our community that COFAS provides care and housing for, Circle of Friends rarely has space available to accept pets for rehoming. We urge you to consider every alternative before surrendering your pet to a shelter. Below are other options you can use to assist you in your search for a new home. When Circle of Friends does have space available for rehoming applicants, we will ONLY reach out to the owners of pets listed on our Home to Home and Rehome pages. COFAS serves the community of Grand Forks and Grand Forks County, so these residents will have priority.

Home to Home

Home To Home believes pets that need a new home do best if they can be transitioned directly from their current home to a new home and avoid the stress of a stay at an animal shelter through the guidance of their owner 

Using Adopt-a-Pet, create a pet profile and approve and meet adoption applicants that you feel are the best fit for your pet’s new family. 

If you have an emergency rehoming situation, please contact us at [email protected] for further guidance.

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