Meetings & Statistics

Board Meetings

Monthly board meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of every month at Circle Of Friends Animal Shelter, 4375 N. Washington St., Grand Forks, ND 58203. Meeting begins at 6:00pm.

Annual statistics

In 2016, Circle of Friends Animal Shelter rescued many animals that came from hoarding situations, as well as assisted many other counties and tribal lands in rescuing animals. Even with the increasing number of animals we take in, Circle of Friends Humane Society has managed to still have a less than 1% Euthanasia rate and a 91% Adoption Claim and Transfer rate.

The Stats

In 2016, the total number of sheltered animals at Circle of Friends Humane Society was 2,030. The outcomes of those pets are shown below:

The 192 animals that were deemed unadoptable were euthanized for the following reasons: 148 were unresponsive to treatment or had a life-threatening illness that would reduce their quality of life significantly; 34 were considered aggressive; and 6 were wildlife animals.

The Last Four Years

In the past four years, the overall number of pets entering Circle of Friends Humane Society has steadily increased. However, the number of euthanized animals has decreased each year. This is due to the hard work from the staff, volunteers, board of directors and donors that support us year after year.

Our Mission

The mission of Circle of Friends Animal Shelter is to enrich the lives of pets through healing, education and connecting companions.